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We understand the importance of finding a repair shop you can trust. Our reputation proceeds itself

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Read what some of our customers say about us and find out why we've been successful for over 30 years

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In business for over 30 years, Top Auto Repair is a complete automotive facility located Orlando, FL.  We employ ASE Master Certified technicians and pride ourselves on being reliable, fast and someone you can trust with your car or truck. Ask any of our customers and you'll find out why we've been in business for so long!Services


Top Auto is Top Quality.  If you are looking for a place with integrity, honesty, and excellent service - this is the place!  Top notch workmanship.

Tim and his crew have been helping us for years. They were referred to me by good friends. We have had bad experiences before, in Miami from which we moved. I even took my car to Top Auto a couple of times while still living there. Thanks Tim, Rhonda and Crew!

The Dyson Family

I've lived in Orlando for 25 years and I recommend Top Auto to everyone I know. All of my family and friends now go there for their auto repair needs. I have even brought in cars that I was considering to buy for them to inspect which has saved me several times.

William Davis, Orlando

Всем здрасьте! То, что вы видите, мой первый пост в блоге. На данный момент, я намерен поздороваться со всеми "старичкам" – люди, превед медвед! А теперь настал час рассказать, на какую тему этот первый пост. Я буду публиковать материалы о программах и приколах с ними соотносящихся! Если вам это интересно, то смотрите полный пост…

Top Auto has been servicing our autos for 25 years.  Tim and company give honest estimates and very timely, personal service.  My business could not run as smoothly without their dependable service even in emergencies.  Our family and business vehicles are kept running smoothly.  Thanks to the whole crew.


Is your car road ready at all times?

Is Your Car Safe?Very few things get more use and abuse than your car or truck and very few things are depended upon as much.  Nothing will change your daily routine faster than car trouble.

Preventative maintenance and routine inspections of your automobile by trained and certified technicians are the key to dependability and peace of mind.

Let Top Auto Help You


Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is vital to keeping your car on the road. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance can save you big money in the long run. Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your car or truck, but check out our easy to follow regular maintenance checklists to keep up with your car's needs....Read More


It's Time For Summer Maintenance!

It's heating up outside and you know what that means, Summer is here. It also means it's time for summer auto maintenance. Remember, a little money spent now can save you thousands down the road.  Don't fool around with your vehicle's lifespan. Take the time to bring your auto in and we'll perform some summer maintenance jobs, your car will thank you for it....Read More


Check Engine

The Check Engine light comes to life if anything, and we do mean anything isn't 100% under the hood. This means that you could be staring at a major repair, or your gas cap could be too loose (no kidding). Unfortunately, almost all of the time it eventually leads to major repairs if not addressed immediately so, if your check engine light is on it's always best to bring your veicle in ASAP! ...Read More


OBD and OBD-II Diagnostics

Modern cars have computer systems that do their own troubleshooting. These systems are referred to as OBD or On Board Diagnostics. When something is awry, the system will make a note of the error and store it in the computer for a technician to retrieve later. These error codes can be invaluable in trying to troubleshoot a problem your car is having. Our expertise in reading and diagnosing these codes can save you tons of money by eleminating the guesswork!...Read More


Top Auto Repair

1828 S Division Ave
Orlando, FL 32805 (map)

(407) 425-0934

ASE Certified
Major Credit Cards Accepted

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